The beginning is where I feel at home, and that is Hawaii! Born and raised on the beautiful tropical island of Oahu, I feel a sense of being truly grounded. The ocean surrounding this island always calls me back home no matter where I am in this world!

With that being said, I really do love to travel because of the fact that I live on a “rock”, it gives me this deep desire to experience more to the world, to immerse myself in another culture other than my own. I have traveled to 14 different countries so far, some may think that is a lot for a 25 year old and others have gone to far more than I could ever fathom! The point is, this world is extraordinary and I want to explore it as much as I possibly can.

Exploring starts now, I believe. Don’t wait to step outside and explore where you actually live, there is still an adventure waiting to reveal itself to you right around the corner! I am going to do my best, to live life to the fullest here in HAWAII and also wherever I travel to next. Swim with me in the Pacific ocean and fly away with me over my island I call home.

“We all discover in depths unknown to men, we are our own explorers, we were born to be.”

-Sade Rusden




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